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Who We Are

Rosemary Davies

National Institute for Health Research Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care West, Research Fellow (Patient and Public Involvement)

Rosemary has been involved in health research as a mental health service user for over 12 years, including user-led research. She is just completing a PhD at the University of the West of England (UWE) on public involvement in health research. She is a member of INVOLVE, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) national advisory group on public involvement in health research; a service user advisor and co-applicant on the NIHR suicide prevention programme with the School for Social and Community Medicine at Bristol University, and a member of the Research and Development Committee of the local mental health NHS Trust.  Rosemary conducted the scoping study in 2009-10 at UWE which led to the creation of People and Research West of England. She is the Research Fellow (Patient and Public Involvement) in the joint involvement team, and is linked to the CLAHRC West (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care).

Hildegard Dumper

West of England Academic Health Science Network, Patient and Public Involvement Team Manager

Hildegard leads on PPI for the WEAHSN and heads a team that provides a shared PPI resource for the four core partners in PHWE. With a background in education, community development and social policy she moved into research after many years working in the refugee sector. She has carried out research and consultancy locally, nationally and internationally, specialising in the access of services by marginalised communities and has considerable experience in the use of community researchers. More recently she has worked in patient and public involvement in the health sector, working for a community health services provider organisation.

David Evans

Bristol Health Partners, Patient and Public Involvement Academic Lead

David is a Professor in Health Services Research (Public Involvement) at UWE Bristol and the academic lead of the collaborative West of England patient and public involvement team working across the WEAHSN, NIHR CLAHRC West, NIHR Clinical Research Network West of England and Bristol Health Partners.  David undertakes research on partnership, participation and involvement in health, including involvement in research.  David is a member of INVOLVE, the NIHR advisory group promoting public involvement in health and social care research.  David was the principal investigator on a study on public involvement in research for the NIHR Health Services & Delivery Research programme which has recently been completed.  David became interested in promoting involvement in health in the 1980s when he was a nurse but also discovered he had a long term condition that required frequent interactions as a patient.  David’s experience was that in those days, relatively few health professionals understood and practiced shared decision making and he sought to promote it in his professional practice.  As David became involved in research, his commitment to involvement naturally led him to support involvement in research.

Andy Gibson

University of West of England, Associate Professor Patient and Public Involvement

Andy has just joined the Department of Health and Social Sciences at the University of Western England as an Associate Professor in Patient and Public Involvement. Before this he led the development patient and public involvement in the Peninsula Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (PenCLAHRC). The main aim of Andy’s work was to embed meaningful patient and public involvement throughout the research carried out by PenCLAHRC. This included involving the public as both users and producers of research knowledge. He delivered this work in close collaboration with PenCLAHRC’sPPI team and PenPIG (Peninsula Public Involvement Group), a user led advisory group, made up of members of the public, service users and carers. Andy was also a member of the team that developed the Medical Research Council funded Public Impact Assessment Framework (PiiAF).

Martin Gregg

Public Contributor

Martin is a lay member of South Gloucestershire CCG with specific responsibility for Patient and Public Involvement and Equalities.  An important aspect of this role is chairing the Improving Patient Experience Forum.  He is also a member of the Individual Funding Request panel.

Martin is keen that my role on the CCG is both strategic, looking broadly at health needs and priorities but also being informed and guided by the richness of individual patient stories.

Martin is a freelance consultant with experience in community engagement, research and voluntary sector policy.  He has been employed by South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) and by CVS South Gloucestershire.  Whilst at SGC Martin led the project to commission the Local Involvement Network (LINk) and is currently a member of the Healthwatch Advisory Group.

As part of Martin’s role with the Strategy Group he is attached as a public contributor member of Bristol Health Partners.

Julie Hapeshi

Deputy Director and PPI Lead, Research Research Design Service South West

Julie has a clinical background in nursing and midwifery but is no longer a practising clinician. She was the Gloucestershire Research and Development Support Unit (RDSU) Co-ordinator for ten years and has managed the Gloucester office of the Research Design Service South West (which superseded the RDSUs) since October 2008. Apart from supporting study design and grant applications in half of her time, the other half of her present role includes managing research delivery and research management and governance for the NHS organisations in Gloucestershire. She is also currently managing a multi-centre study on the surveillance of patients with Barrett’s oesophagus (BOSS) funded by the NIHR HTA programme.

Nick Leggett

Public Contributor

Nick researches and writes, in the areas of patient experience, the phenomenology of the healing relationship and the coproduction cycle. Nick came into PPI, following six experiences of non-urgent hospital surgery between 2004 and 2013. The first three experiences went badly wrong for him. After that, he discovered NHS Choices, and he moved all his treatment to a university hospital which is over a hundred miles away. Nick had such positive experiences there, that he decided he wanted to offer something back to Bristol, his home city. Nick is the secretary of his GP practice patient partnership group (PPG), which they have just completely redesigned, so that patients and practice staff can work together in an exciting, innovative, and creative way. Nick has a particular interest in bringing PPI to general practice, and to non-urgent surgery. He is an active member of the National Association for Patient Participation. Nick has been part of a WEAHSN working party on the local implementation of NICE technology assessments.

Sharon Nolan

North Bristol NHS Trust

Sharon’s background is marketing communications, employee & customer engagement. She is chair of the People in Health West of England communications group. Her role at North Bristol NHS Trust is to raise the profile of research and to advise researchers how they can involve patients and the public in their research plans.  Sharon also manages the Research & Innovation lay panel.

Jo Osorio

Healthwatch Swindon

Like everyone connected with Healthwatch, Jo is committed to making sure local people are heard and that they influence health & care services effectively.  Jo has been living and working in Swindon for twenty seven years.  He was director of Age Concern from 1987 to 2009 and with Swindon Local Involvement Network until 2013.  Prior to that Jo was a community worker in Lambeth and in Peterborough between 1972 and 1987.  He has experience as a trustee of national, regional and local charities and as a member of an NHS primary care trust professional executive committee.

Cathy Rice

Co-Chair / Public Contributor

Cathy has been a research partner in several research projects at the University of the West of England since recovering from a stroke six years ago.  She was one of six research partners on the 18 month long National Institute for Health Research funded project ‘Public Involvement in Research: assessing impact through a realistic evaluation’, which was completed recently.

Her particular interest is in communicating academic and technical issues clearly.  Her working background is in journalism and environmental issues.

Jan Rose

Public Contributor

Jan is a cancer survivor.  Her diagnosis for breast cancer was in 2009.  Her mother’s diagnosis for cancer was in the same year.

During her treatment Jan became aware of Patient and Public Involvement and how it worked to the benefit of patients and the public in terms of their treatment and care.  She is also aware how important research and service development is in providing better treatment and care.  It is for these reasons that Jan has been an active member of the 3 Counties Cancer Network and the 3 Counties Cancer Research Network.  These organisations ceased to exist in 2013 and 2014 respectively due to the reorganisation within the NHS.  Jan has been a patient representative on the Network Site Specific Group for Upper Gastro-intestinal cancer, served on panels for a number of Peer Reviews for cancer groups and also on a development project looking at the length of stay in hospital after breast surgery.

Since 2013 she have attended the Oncology Clinical Trials Feasibility Group Meetings at the Gloucestershire NHS Trust as a Patient Representative.  She is also a Patient Representative on the Cancer Patient Experience Group at the hospital.

In May 2014 Jan joined the People in Health West of England PPI Strategy Group as a Public Contributor as she is keen to support and encourage PPI within research across the region.

Jan became a Consumer Member of the National Cancer Research Institute Primary Care Clinical Studies Group in May 2014.

Ruth Sayers

Public Contributor

Ruth lectured in Sociology for 13 years before becoming ill, and needing support for her mental health. Since 1998 Ruth has used her personal experiences to contribute to improving mental health services – through training professionals, research, evaluation, and commissioning.  She has also helped to develop and manage a range of services for women experiencing domestic abuse.  Ruth’s hearing is impaired. She has recently had other types of ‘patient experiences’ to draw on (A&E, maxilla-facial surgery, ENT, oncology).

Ruth’s work as a researcher has included developing a user-led project; sitting on steering and advisory groups; working collaboratively with academics to evaluate public involvement in research; and contributing patients’ perspectives to the Mental Health Research Network and The Cochrane Collaboration (Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis).  Ruth now works at The McPin Foundation, coordinating the Lived Experience and PPI elements of a multi-site study developing an intervention to improve primary care for people with diagnoses of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Angela Stagg

Public Contributor

Angela began her PPI work after she had personal experience of cancer.  Angela was fortunate to benefit from a pre-cutbacks period, when there was much more support and training in that specific field.  Before it was axed, she belonged to the local cancer services network user involvement group for some years. Angela chaired the UIG for two years, worked as PPI rep on several multidisciplinary groups such as service improvement including peer review, service reorganisation and helped rewrite patient information guides and leaflets.  Currently She is one of the lay members on an NIHR affiliated clinical studies group overseeing a national research portfolio.  As an UWE Research Partner since 2009 she has worked on several research projects.  Angela was a public contributor on PRWE, and in a previous life was a Children’s Guardian in the family courts, which involved independent investigation of “cases” and working with a solicitor to represent the child/young person’s wishes and welfare.

Kate Strong

Healthwatch Bristol/BANES/South Gloucestershire

Kate is the Research and Evaluation Coordinator for The Care Forum.  She coordinates the collation of service evaluation data across 4 Local Healthwatch areas; Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Somerset, and oversees the design of research to fill gaps in knowledge and form recommendations for service providers, based on feedback from the public.

She is leading on the consultation and engagement element of the Bristol Better Care programme and is coordinating the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework to capture and demonstrate The Care Forum’s impact on the health and social care landscape, and for service users.

Chantal Sunter

National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network West of England

Chantal Sunter graduated with a degree in Applied Microbiology in 2001. She first developed an interest in clinical research while working on a screening study of glaucoma as a placement student. Following graduation and another stint in clinical research, she moved to the voluntary sector, and worked in the research and medical information department of the Meningitis Research Foundation, a medical research charity. Here she was responsible for setting up and running the ‘Members Survey’ that surveyed survivors of meningitis and septicaemia in depth about their experience of the disease, their treatment and after-effects. Chantal also developed resources for health professionals to help them identify and treat meningitis and septicaemia, and delivered training sessions.  She then joined MHRN West Hub in 2005 as manager, shortly after it was set up & moved into the role of Research Delivery Manager with the Clinical Research Network West of England with responsibility for a number of clinical specialities, communications & PPI.

Louise Ting

Public Contributor

Most recently, Louise has been involved at length with Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group’s Modernising Mental Health programme, from a service user perspective.  She has also worked with Bristol City Council in the past and is currently carrying out NHS research on service development for those with complex health needs.  In addition, she volunteers as a health and social care advocate supporting carers and people with long-term health issues.  Louise is a researcher with a background in psychology.

Tony Watkin

National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network West of England

Tony is Patient Experience lead, Engagement and Involvement at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.  Tony has a background in the voluntary sector and the NHS. His skill set is about getting people to talk about the stuff that matters to them, engaging people and getting them involved in conversations, plans and decisions that affect them. He often works on sensitive subjects and with people and communities of interest who don’t often get to have their say for whatever reason.

Adele Webb

Public Contributor

Adele is a mother and grandmother.  As a carer for her own mother she welcomed the tremendous support she received from the NHS and from the caring agency network.  A Member of Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust since 2011 and working for the Members’ Involvement Forum, Adele has been part of a team undertaking observations of care of patients who do not easily have a voice.  She also conducts surveys on behalf of the Trust, interviewing carers of patients with dementia.

Adele’s teaching career culminated in headship until 2004.  She currently work as Education Officer in a Heritage and Tourist Information Centre.

Nicola Williams

Co-Chair / North Bristol Trust

Nicola is Deputy Director of Research at North Bristol Trust and co-chair of the group.  Nicola has been at North Bristol NHS Trust since 2004, prior to which she was head of a research unit for health services research and ran various patient and public involvement (PPI) initiatives.  Her PhD focused on Health panels and public attitudes to and disclosures of depression.

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